[sap-log-mm] SAP Time-phased planning

Posted by karlobo
on Aug 19 at 10:56 AM

I am trying to use time-phased planning in MRP to create purchase requisitions for a supplier on a particular day of the week for delivery on the same day of the following week. To do this, I have made the following amendments in MM02:

MRP1 tab:
MRP Type - R3
Planning cycle - TUE

MRP2 tab:
Planning calendar - TUE

The Planning Calendar, TUE, uses weekly periods running from Tuesday to Monday.

After running MRP, purchase requisitions are correctly created during the initial calendar period.

The problem is that neither purchase requisitions nor planned orders are created after this, causing issues with providing forecasts to the supplier. I have tried modifying the MRP Type in Customizing and the periods for the planning calendar but without success.

We do not use forecasting for purchased items, relying solely on production requirements via MRP.

Do any of you have experience of using time-phased planning and is there any way of creating receipts after the initial period?
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